RE: CSS Validator Bug -Douglas Perreault CPA

I just had to thank you for that wonderful insight about whether
you're speeding, when you're walking down the road; It's given me
quite a bit to think about.  I didn't find it to be a completely
arbitrary logical fallacy reaching the levels of idiocy that stretch
beyond even the typical Internet post.  And, when I signed up to be
able to report a bug and it told me that it would be a public posting,
I was an idiot not to realize this is a chat room.  Who am I to read
the English language literally and not jump to assumptions, how silly.

I have an analogy for you...

There were once these people, who were kept in the dark ages literally
and then figuratively for pretty much all of time.  Then, through a
confluence of emerging technologies and interests put to use initially
interconnecting colleges that with assistance through private and
governmental interests ended up allowing lowly peasants to have access
to the largest network of information databases in all of human
history.  For the first time, a nobody with little power or money had
access to true knowledge.  Answers to questions that would've
previously gone unknown.  Then, came the lazy webmaster with a
brilliant idea of an unkempt and open blog, even on specific
questions.  Now, instead of finding the answers we seek, we have the
immense privilege of reading hundreds of posts and blogs by people who
don't bother with contemplation or research (and certainly can't pass
up unknown material to let the actual experts consider and/or reply),
but just squat over the keyboard and strain until they squeeze out a
little brown nugget of wisdom for all to hear.  What was once and for
a very short period an immeasurable tool, became a tedious chore,
costing hours and hours, just to find something that "might" be a
legitimate answer to our queries and the world basked in the glory of
the self-indulgent individual who's opinion MUST be heard at any
cost...   and it was good.

I now realize that it was pretty stupid of me to think that an
organization, business, government, or individual should consider not
only the consequences intended by their actions, but the incidental
ones, as well.  And to think that only a minor change, which could
facilitate more good in this world by giving honest people more work,
dishonest people less, and better answers to those completely ignorant
to what their walking into, was absolutely a ridiculous request to
simply be considered.  I have learned well these lessons and can't
thank you enough for your well thought out reply and realize that
honesty and responsibility is truly a suckers' game.  I retract my
request that it simply be considered in a future update and leave our
futures in the hands of those of you, who obviously have a much better
handle on the bigger picture than I.

Thank you so much, I'm going to go find a recipe for chocolate chip
cookies that are crispy, not soft, now...  I hope to read some of your
posts there.

Received on Wednesday, 2 November 2011 05:15:52 UTC