Re: CSS validator should validate styling of SVG+CSS and XML+CSS documents

On 5/31/02 1:07 PM, "Philippe Le Hegaret" <> wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 22:14, you wrote:
>> Two things I noticed:
>>   1. The validator says it accepts "HTML with CSS or CSS only". Why not SVG
>> or arbitrary XML for that matter?  I suppose I am agreeing with previous
>> posts.[1][2]
> I don't disagree with them either, but SVG CSS properties are not
> supported for the moment.

any idea when we might see SVG CSS properties and values added?

> Regarding generic XML, how would recognize CSS information in a generic
> XML file?

1. xml-stylesheet PI

2. SVG, MathML and XHTML all support a "style" attribute (in addition to
<link> and <style> elements.)  Presumably any arbitrary XML file can contain
SVG, MathML and/or XHTML elements through the use of namespaces etc.

>>   2. The profile select should also have something like "CSS2 + SVG", and
>> perhaps "no profile" should validate CSS rules, properties, values as
>> defined by any W3C specification.
> except that the SVG style properties are not supported yet.

fair enough.

thanks for the reply.


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