Re: Don't put descriptive info in a URI, only identifying info

From: Michael A. Dolan (
Date: Mon, Dec 21 1998

Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 11:54:48 -0800
To: Gomer Thomas <>, Dan Connolly <>
From: "Michael A. Dolan" <>
Subject: Re: Don't put descriptive info in a URI, only identifying info


At 02:25 PM 12/21/98 -0500, Gomer Thomas wrote:
>My own interpretation of this requirement is that the "location" of a
>resource in a TV broadcast environment very often has a time dimension
>as well as a network address dimension.

True (but in different ways) for both V/A stream content, as well as
discrete documents broadcast on a carousel.  These items may, in the end,
be referenced using different URI schemes, for which different rules for
specifying time may be appropriate.

>I believe that in most, if not all cases, the time dimension will be
>specified by identifying the "event" (TV program, in ordinary
>terminology), with perhaps in some cases an offset relative to the start
>of the event, rather than by explicitly specifying a clock time.

This is one way to do it that is more object-oriented and fits the object
model much better.  However, there is not agreement on the list that this
is the (only) possible or useful solution.  There are other possible URI
designs that do not directly reference an EPG object, and thus might need
absolute (GMT) time.


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