Re: AW: URL: Background and Requirements

From: Simon Gibbs (
Date: Thu, Nov 05 1998

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Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 11:38:08 -0800
From: Simon Gibbs <>
To: Henning Timcke <>
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Subject: Re: AW: URL: Background and Requirements

Henning Timcke wrote:

> On what protocols those other URL's would be used ?
> Henning

I  mentioned two new and fairly distinct "families", broadcast URLs
and home network URLs. For broadcast, protocols are based on the
MPEG-2 Systems spec with extensions from such organizations as DVB
and ATSC. (See the draft ATSC data broadcast specification as an
example.) For home networking there are many technologies and
protocols. For home networking based on IEEE 1394, there are a series
of specifications (IEC 61883.x) that cover both connection management
protocols and packet formats for "isochronous" data transfer. (IEEE
1394 and the IEC are likely to be important because, among other
reasons, the FCC is promoting 1394 for connecting digital cable boxes
to DTV receivers, see,4,25448,00.html?

Little work has been done on URLs for home networking, but
there a number of proposals for "broadcast URLs". See attached.