Re: URL: Nov 18 deadline for IETF internet drafts

From: Gomer Thomas (
Date: Thu, Nov 05 1998

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Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 14:51:28 -0500
From: Gomer Thomas <>
Subject: Re: URL: Nov 18 deadline for IETF internet drafts


I am also working on a proposal which I believe meets all the requirements
-- hope to have a draft ready by about next Wednesday (not necessarily in
formal Internet Draft format, since I am not well versed in that). I plan
to distribute it to the DASE e-e reflector and the www-tv reflector, and
talk about it at the DASE end-to-end meeting next Thursday. My hope is
that a consensus will emerge within a week or so from some combination of
the DASE end-to-end meeting and discussions on the www-tv reflector.

I am also interested in helping to draft the Internet Draft when the time

Craig A. Finseth wrote:

>         ...
>    >From what I see what has been discussed on this list,
>    this can be two things:
>    1) Concrete proposal(s) on how to do tv-related URIs (updates
>    or submissions of already existing ones) One is better
>    than 5 here, of course.
>         ...
> The good news is that we are making progress.
> The bad news is that, based on the requirements that have been stated
> to this list (and loosely agreed to), I have not seen any proposals
> that meet those requirements.  (Important caveat: I do not claim to
> have seen all proposals, although I have been looking.)
> I am developing one that I believe does meet the requirements.
> In an ideal world with infinite time (for this job), I would prefer to
> review the proposal within DASE (we're meeting next Thu/Fri Nov
> 12/13), and then -- if it seems reasonable in that context -- to go
> further.
> Since we don't have infinite time, I'm willing to short circuit the
> process if people here think that doing so is reasonable.
>    What we need now are authors for each of the document.
>    Who wants to sign up ?
> I will.
>    Basically, i'd like to replace the list of people listed
>    on the group page under the "Document on 'tv' URL scheme"
>    on the IG's homepage
>    by a list of authors actually working on each document.
> Craig

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