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Date: Wed, Nov 04 1998

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Subject: AW: AICI: Focus

Does it matter who joins whom ?
Henning Timcke

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The issue is whether they currently stick to the charter
Leonardo Chiariglione

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	Henning Timcke wrote:
	> Did anybody knew about ?

	Hello Henning and all,

	I believe the idea for DAVIC (Digital Audio-Visual Council) came
	Leonardo Chiariglione, the current "Contact Point" of the MPEG home

	I'm not a member of DAVIC, so can't speak to the group's work, but
	their charter worth passing along to the AIC-I since there seems to
	some common interests:

	"The purpose of DAVIC is to favour the success of emerging digital
	audio-visual applications and services, by the timely availability
	internationally agreed specifications of open interfaces and
	that maximise interoperability across countries and
	applications/services. The primary instrument is production of
	specifications that maximise interoperability across countries and


	Aaron Walsh

	Chair, VRML Universal Media Element Library (VRML-UMEL) Working

	Co-chair, VRML Intellectual Property Rights (VRML-IPR) Task Group

	Henning Timcke wrote:
	> Hi all
	> Did anybody knew about ?
	> Ahmad Risk showed me this reference.
	> Hope we have found all and everything of importance to our common
interests before December.
	> Henning
	> Ideen Werft22 GmbH
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