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From: <fischer@ludwin.net>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 01:57:57 -0500
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Hello! I am new here, this is my very first mail to the list.

Some days ago, I created an informal webpage


which has only one purpose: to display as many different fonts and symbols
as possible. I was just playing at the beginning. I had discovered by
chance that many fonts and symbols other than the original ascii characters
can be displayed, and that you now find funny symbols like the snowman

I also saw that new symbols are added on a regular basis. According to the
age of the system I use to see the page, I will see more or less symbols.
With some systems, I won't see any of the religious/political/philosophical
symbols. With others, I will see the Christian cross and the David star,
but not the Muslim crescent, nor the communist or hippie logos.

I think that it is normal that only new systems can display new symbols.
They have to be on the user's computer, after all!

But there are a few things I would like to ask:

One: Who creates these symbols? Who decides?

Two: can a single person make proposals, suggest symbols to be included?

Three: is it possible to get and download the latest symbols and to install
them on your computer, as if there where fonts? If the snowman symbol isn't
on your computer, is it possible to donload it as a font, to install it as
a font, and to be able to see it afterwards?

Four: I saw that the numbers 1 to 65335 (&#1;)-(&#65335;) have been
affected to something. But what are the number for which no font has been
created yet?

Many questions... If someone on this list could give me hints, that would
be great!


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