Electronic Commerece: Framework, Technology and Applications

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Electronic Commerce: Framework, Technologies and Applications
Author: Bharat Bhasker
ISBN: 0-07-049950-0
Yr. of Publication: 2003
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill
Webpage: http://www.tatamcgrawhill.com/digital_solutions/bhasker

Following an integrated approach, this book provides a thorough
understanding of what electronic commerce is all about -- advantages,
caveats and business models, including its complete framework and
enabling technologies.

Three comprehensive case studies on…
E-Commerce Strategy, Business Models and Internet Start-ups: A Business
Case on Fabmart Pvt. Ltd.
E-Commerce in the Distribution System: The Case of HLL RS Net
Deployment of Information Security Infrastructure: The Experience of IIM

With its blend of technology and application, the book is an
indispensable text for all postgraduate students of management and
computer applications. It is also a valuable source of reference to
students of computer science, managers and information officers.  For
further details visit:

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Electronic Commerce 1
2. Electronic Commerce: Business Models 51
3. Electronic Commerce: Architectural Framework 73
4. Electronic Commerce: Network Infrastructure 88
5. Electronic Commerce: Information Distribution and Messaging 130
6. Electronic Commerce: Information Publishing Technology 152
7. Electronic Commerce: Securing the Business on Internet 207
8. Electronic Commerce: Securing Network Transaction 247
9. Electronic Payment Systems 301
10. Electronic Commerce: Search Engines and Directory Services 339
11. Internet Advertising 359
12. Agents in Electronic Commerce 384

Bharat Bhasker
Professor, Information Technology & Systems
Indian Institute of Management Lucknow
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Electronic Commerce: Framework Technologies & Applications

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