[FWD: Re: [Moderator Action] world wide chat room rules?]

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  • From: Susan Lesch <lesch@w3.org>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 14:49:20 -0600
  • Subject: Re: [Moderator Action] world wide chat room rules?
  • To: Steve <obburwood@netscape.net>
  • Message-Id: <p06020401bc938201a7f5@[]>
Hello, Steve,

spec-prod is for specification development by editors and not about 
their content. Have you tried posting to www-talk@w3.org ? That is a 
more general W3C list.

>To whom it may concern :
>   I would be interested to know if the W3 consortium or any other 
>governing bodies related to the Internet have set down guidelines / 
>rules as to the way in which chat rooms must be directed or by how 
>behaviour in the chat rooms should be controlled.  On the 
>ircnet.tiscali.be:6667 server - chat room (#wanadoo.fr), people are 
>kicked out of the room because their IRC client uses colors or has 
>the codes for colors that Tiscali Belgium (or at least the person 
>responsable of the room) don't like.  I consider (as do many people 
>who use that chat room poorly monitored.  Personal vendettas are 
>used by users who become OPs.
>   The atmosphere in the room (#wanadoo.fr) is so bad that many 
>people who used the room when we started in December 2001 no longer 
>come, having noticed the poor control of the room.
>   Sincerely yours,
>   Steven Burwood

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