help with http post request


I am new to this list, I found this while searching for my answer and
hoping someone can help. Please let me know if this question is
inappropriate for this list. I have had no luck on my developer lists
with this.

I am developing some pages for a client who uses Kurant StoreSense,
an off-the-shelf e-store software. To get to their database, I can
use an XML extension. Apparently, to use this, you have to generate
an http post request and send along your xml file.

I have looked in vain on the web for basic info on how to do this. I
can find how to use an ASP object to do it, and stuff like that. I'm
not using asp. Some of my pages are php - but I'm not even sure the
point at where I need to do this is in a php page.

Anyway, you can see I am lost and confused! HOW do I generate an http
post request! Here is what I am told to do:

"The XML stream should be sent to http://<your
ipaddress>/xte/storesense/Process.bok. The stream is sent over HTTP
via a POST."

How do I send such a stream?



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Received on Thursday, 26 December 2002 11:11:26 UTC