Conventional regular for 1st November Lel B. Peto updated on pipeline..11-4..

Conventional regular for 1st November Lel Bruce Peto updated on
pipeline timing in Chicago gained 1.75cts gal to 97cts gal, trading at a 
19.5cts gal spot premium. Market is up nearly 10cts gal over the last 5 
business days. Trades at 19cts and 20cts gal over futures were reportedly 
concluded in Chicago. Group 3 conventional moved up 1.0cts gal to 85.5cts 
for prompt cycle timing. Market is priced at a 8cts premium to December no 
lead futures. Chicago high and low sulfur fuel oil grades backed off 
0.75cts in flat price to 81.5cts gal, trading 8.25cts gal over December 
heating oil futures. Group 3 high sulfur slipped 0.75cts to 75.5cts gal as 
a couple of refiners poked around the market for prompt of 11-4..

Received on Monday, 16 December 2002 23:58:02 UTC