Re: Query Parameters in POST method

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> Parameters in the URLs in case of GET can be constructed to be data.
> e.g: GET
> Here "search" is program residing on machine "" which takes
"q=diwakar" as data to the program
Yes, but the data in a GET is not 'submitted' in the same way that data in a
POST is 'submitted'. The data certainly is sent, but it is used as an
identifier. It's more consistent to think of a Google search as "get the
links that are related to 'diwakar'" than "please do a search over the web
with your page rank algorithm for the term 'diwakar'".
The point of view is that you operate upon the set of links (the resource) -
GET the links, POST to the set of links, etc. - rather than request the
invokation of an arbitrary operation.

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