RE: CSS to center a table?

At 07:27 AM 2001-05-19 -0700, Fish wrote:
>With your approach, you're going to have to specify:
>    <TABLE class="center">
>for every table tag of every one of your web pages where you want a centered
>table, correct?


The class mark is not required.  You can make centering the global default
behavior for TABLE elements, independent of class, or have this style apply to
(all, class-independent) TABLE elements appearing in defined contexts, etc.
later create special cases with a combination of context-pattern guards and
class filters.

And you don't define a 'center' class, either [epithet suppressed].  An
appropriate class would be 'major' or something like that.  A contrasting
would be 'auxiliary' or 'annotation.'  Major TABLEs would then be centered in
the left-right dimension _and_ be auto-numbered and auto-included in the List
of Tables.  'auxiliary' tables could default to align=right and be left out of
the numbering and List of Tables.  'annotation' tables would require explicit
case by case assignment of placement.  This becomes an 'ask' in the authoring
methods.  What you really want is for its alignment to default to some
derivative of the alignment of the thing which it is elaborating upon, but
is IIRC too much logic for CSS.

The 'class' designations should be one level more functional or logical than
the effects they trigger in a given medium.  The class system you use should
support machine readout through a voice portal with audio styling as well as
presentation detailing for the screen.


None of this is promised to make it work, however.


>Now what I'M saying is simply replace:
>    <TABLE class="center">
>    <TABLE align=center>
>It doesn't use *CSS* to center the table, but it does indeed center the
>which, unless you're lying, is indeed *precisely* what you want to
>is it not?
>So what's your beef?
>(Sheesh! Some people...)
>"Fish" (David B. Trout)

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