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> If you dont know dont answer dear.

I *gave* you the answer, idiot: use "align=center" in your <TABLE> tags and
scrap the CSS approach.

Your attempt to use CSS in this particular case is just plain stupidity.

Look. Suppose for a second your way of doing it worked, okay? It doesn't of
course, but just suppose for the sake of argument that it did, okay?

With your approach, you're going to have to specify:

    <TABLE class="center">

for every table tag of every one of your web pages where you want a centered
table, correct?

Now what I'M saying is simply replace:

    <TABLE class="center">


    <TABLE align=center>

It doesn't use *CSS* to center the table, but it does indeed center the table,
which, unless you're lying, is indeed *precisely* what you want to accomplish,
is it not?

So what's your beef?

(Sheesh! Some people...)

"Fish" (David B. Trout)

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