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> >With your approach, you're going to have to specify:
> >
> >    <TABLE class="center">
> >
> >for every table tag of every one of your web pages where you
> >want a centered table, correct?
> Incorrect.


> The class mark is not required.

I know that.

> You can make centering the global default
> behavior for TABLE elements, independent
> of class, or have this style apply to (all,
> class-independent) TABLE elements appearing
> in defined contexts, etc. and later create
> special cases with a combination of context-
> pattern guards and class filters.


I know that.

> And you don't define a 'center' class, either
> [epithet suppressed].


> An appropriate class
> would be 'major' or something like that.  A
> contrasting class would be 'auxiliary' or
> 'annotation.'  Major TABLEs would then be


The point Al (which I believe I made), was IF he was going to go to the trouble
of adding "class=center" to each of the table tags where he wanted a centered
table to appear[*], then he should just change it to "align=center" instead.
(And yes I realize align=center is deprecated, but he didn't say whether or not
he cared about that now did he?)

> None of this is promised to make it work, however.
> Al

"Fish" (David B. Trout)

[*]  That IS, afterall, what was implied by the wording of his original
question/problem. It's completely beside the point as to whether he actually
MEANT that or not. If that is indeed NOT what he meant to imply, then IMO he
should be a little more careful how he words his questions so as to not mislead
others as to the true nature of his "problem" and how he's intending to resolve

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