Extended URL for [I]Frames (revived)

i apologize sincerly for the cross-posting, but i wasn't sure where to send 
this.  if anyone has an idea please inform me so i can refrain from 
cross-posting in the future.

i was searching through the W3C lists archive and found a thread from 1996 
(read: a relic ->
http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/msg01246.html ) about 
extending urls for use with frames.  there appeared to be very good ideas in 
the thread and no major refutations by anyone, yet, unless i've missed 
something, nothing has been done with the suggestions.  is there a reason 
that there has not been developed a way to deal with dynamic content from 
within URIs (or has there), not just for frames, but iframes, and perhaps 

                                                  • mjumbe •

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