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On Albertus Magnus and Goedl's Theorem: Please share with Colleagues...

From: albert j. pinto <alpinto@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 02:13:10 -0400
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On Albertus Magnus and Goedl's Theorem: Please share with Colleagues...

Goedl's Theorem is a modern truth contingently-linked to the necessary
principle of non-contradiction regarding matters on truth and metaphysical

The mediaeval principle, drawn from Aristotle's Logic, states the a thing
or truth cannot both be and not be at the same time under the same aspect.

Now, with reference to Goedl's Theorem: "This formula is unprovable in the
system"  - There can be no contradiction at the same time under the same
aspect - Hence, the "same time" here is that very moment when you should
like to make the per se "unprovable"..."provable"! And the "same aspect" is
the formula itself (i.e. "This formula is...in the system")! Why is the
the "same aspect"? Because the formula is the very subject of provability or
unprovability. Hence, "non-contradiction" must occur at the very moment of
trying to resolve this "same aspect". And if at that moment you try to posit
"provability" and "unprovability" to the very same aspect - "The
the system" - you are bound here not to be contradictory: precisely because
a contradiction cannot be posited! Thus, the principle of
"non-contradiction" as
a truth about reality and logical truth absolutely guarantees the truth of
Theorem with reference to formal systems of arithmetic and formal logic: and
leads by natural truth to man's superiority over formal systems and machines
even as it leads the more reflective thinker to metaphysical certitudes and
God's "Sufficient Reason" for Himself! For only God is the Absolute Proof of
Own Sufficient Reason, His Own Subsistent Essence...Why? Because God Alone
Absolute Perfection in His-Very-Own-Absolute-Simplex-Essenced-Existence! And
this is Perfectly Consistent with the Absolute Definition of "God" as
"Perfect Self-Concept"
subsisting in  "Simplex Existence-Essence"! Saint Anselm's argument may be
fully seen here:
and that's the "Internal Truth"! Goedl is right because Albert the Great was
so right
about all these things in Logic, Physics, Rational Pschology, Metaphysics
and Divine
Revelation to boot... And we have consistently ignored this Universal Wisdom
for over
700 years. Now that is an awfully inconsistent thing to do for those who
would call them-
selves "Futuristic-Formal Thinkers" for our "Global Village"! Try Albert the
Great - "Doctor
Universalis": "His Proofs" are in "The Touring..."!

Al Pinto - Opus Doctorum Foundation
ATG News - http://www.AlbertTheGreat.Com
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