Re: Persistant connections and pipelining...

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Reinier Post wrote:

> About right for the client, perhaps - but for the server, which may
> have to deal with thousands of other clients at the same time?
> If requests are expensive, a few clients with persistent connections
> may occupy much of the server's capacity.

It really depends on the way the server handle persistent connection. For
server that has the knowledge of the whole server state, it is possible to
implement a LRU list of idle clients and free some when required (like in
Jigsaw [1]). Of course if your configuration is not "big" enough, this LRU
list will be too small and the timeout too short to really take benefit of
persistent connections.
I tested the timeout on a persistent connection on when the
load of the server is the highest and I got more than 20mn of idling
before the connection was needed by the server.


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