Re: Enforce reloading of page when using the back-button

Hi Dan

>Umm... I suppose there are relevant hacks; maybe even standard
>techniques. But would you please assure us that you understand
>how inconvenient this is for users, and that you have a darned
>good reason for doing this, before we discuss the technical

This was discussed before on this list. I write (or at least I 
try) full blown applications using http/html.  The fact that I 
can't tell the browser not to cache the back button is a right 
pain and it would be perfectly appropriate for me to prevent 
this for my application.

However the standard does not specify any way for me to prevent 
this caching, nor I have I found any work-arounds. The browsers 
cache so aggresively... and the standard says they should in this 
case. Which I understand as being appropriate for the vast 
majority of cases. 

Last time this was discussed someone on the http working group(?) 
contributed and said that there had been some discussion about a 
header that could prevent caching on the history trail, but it 
had not met with sufficient acceptance in the group to become 
included in the standard. sigh.

However this...
>	1. Breaking or Slowing Down the Back Button
>	[...] "

suggests that it's possible. Does anyone know how?


Received on Tuesday, 7 March 2000 17:52:15 UTC