Re: Microsoft Style Sheet Patent

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Robert Prichard wrote:

> Business as usual?:
>  US5860073: Style sheets for publishing system
>   Inventor(s):
>  Ferrel; Patrick J. , Seattle, WA
>  Gertz; Matthew W. , Redmond, WA
>  Meyer; Robert F. , Redmond, WA
>  Millet; Stephen J. , Seattle, WA
>  Schofield; Kevin M. , Bellevue, WA
>  Shewchuk; John P. , Seattle, WA
>  Smith; Walter W. , Seattle, WA

	Wow. The arrogance of this patent is mind-boggling. Why doesn't
somebody forward this to the DoJ, or to the judge in charge of the trial,
with a detailed explanation how intrinsically asisine and untrue this
patent claim is?

	By the by, this is just my personal opinion, and doesn't represent
that of my company, yadda yadda, the usual spiel.

--->Ben Trafford

Received on Monday, 25 January 1999 16:07:21 UTC