Re: GET with offset ?

Tristan Savatier wrote:
> Has anyone ever considered that it would be useful to be able
> to add an optionnal 'offset' parameter to the GET request ?


Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
January 1997

14.36.2 Range Retrieval Requests

   HTTP retrieval requests using conditional or unconditional GET
   methods may request one or more sub-ranges of the entity, instead of
   the entire entity, using the Range request header, which applies to
   the entity returned as the result of the request:

         Range = "Range" ":" ranges-specifier

> By the way, the same comment applies to the FTP protocol, too.

The same facility exists in FTP, I'm quite sure.
I don't happen to have that spec handy, but I'm
sure it's only a few hops from

Dan Connolly

Received on Sunday, 30 August 1998 18:40:02 UTC