At 12:11 PM +1000 6/12/97, Tony Barry wrote:
>At 11:11 PM 31/5/97, Erik Aronesty wrote:
>>Also, HTML prints very poorly and could benefit highly from a
>>Without a specified page break it is impossible to build formatted
>>reports that print well.
>Material designed for printing is very difficult to read on screen.  If you
>want printing use postscript or pdf.  Better still, have your document in
>sgml so that they can be translated to whatever output format is required.
Speaking of which....
I'm having a hell of a time finding a SGML parser for the Macintosh that
works.  Does anyone know of a good one out there that's free or cheap?
Also, does anyone know of a good WYSIWYG SGML parser out there?

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