Re: Braindead server? or "What am I doing wrong?"

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> Benjamin Franz wrote:
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> > Accepting the cookie. The server seriously wants that cookie. It will not
> > stop looping until it gets it. :(
> Thanks for the information.  Does NS/IE suffer the same problem if you
> disable cookies in them too, then?

Yep. Remember the stateless nature of the web. Without the cookie or URL
state - the server ALWAYS believes you are a new person hitting it - and
so it tries to get you to accept a cookie. In my test, MSIE prompted me
for three cookies (which I declined ), and then prompted me for the first
one again:  Clearly it was looping. I haven't had a chance to test it with
NS4.0 with silent cookie rejection, but I expect either a crash, a silent
infinite loop or an error. (I can't test it right now because NS4.0Pro
final is crashing every time I launch it - it doesn't seem to like my
moving back and forth between network connections. Seems a for a final release.)

Personally, I hope it goes into a silent infinite loop. On a high speed
link that would result in an occasional punishing load on the offending
'accept my cookie or else' server as NS4.0 deploys more and you get people
who turn off cookies altogether visiting. Its ok to use redirects to set
cookies on the same server - but good design accounts for the possibility
that the cookie might *not* be accepted by adding URL state as a fallback
catch to prevent *exactly* this kind of loop.

Benjamin Franz

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