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We're a web publishing firm based in Calcutta, India. we're looking for
a CGI programmer who can develop for us on a contractual basis. Our
immediate requirement is a CGI script for a cellular service provider.
The script should allow the user/viewer of the page to make his/her
choices (example: cost, functionality, phone model etc.) and then use
the submitted information to produce a recommendation of  particular
package plans and phone models.

Something similar to the form on:   and

Since we're a small firm our budget is relatively small. Your quote
should not exceed US $500. we will pay a 25% advance on the amount to
show genuine intent. We would expect the work to be completed within
maximum 15 days of placement of order. Time is of essense, a swift
response would be appreciated. Please feel free to contact us to clarify

any ambiguity.



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Received on Wednesday, 28 May 1997 12:24:34 UTC