Re: Search Engine Secrets

++ Got any suggestions how I stop people such as yourselves badgering me in my
++ personal mail and on the mailing lists to which I belong? :o)

Using procmail, it is straightforward to filter out e-mail from lists
you don't want to belong to (e.g., spammer's lists).  Use two filters
in sequence: 1) patterns matching the lists you want to receive
e-mail from; 2) patterns to reject all other lists.

But it is much more difficult to filter out spams in messages to mailing
lists to which you belong.  To do that, you need to add another
filter (a blackmail filter) before those other two: 0) all common
spam patterns.

For my blackmail filter, I use a version of Catherine Hampton's
Spam Bouncer <> ...but without
the bounce actions.  I omit all of those, and simply trash the
messages.  Unfortunately it's less than 70% effective for
in-mailinglist spams.

Received on Monday, 21 April 1997 15:45:35 UTC