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ACL workshop on anaphora: programme and call for registration

From: Ruslan Mitkov <r.mitkov@wlv.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 20:37:08 +0100
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                   CALL FOR REGISTRATION


                    ACL'97 / EACL'97 Workshop
                    11 July, 1997
                    Madrid, Spain



This workshop has a dual focus.  It promotes work
which addresses the practical requirements of operational and
robust anaphora resolution components.  It also seeks to
investigate the role of, and interactions among, the various factors in
anaphora resolution: in particular those that scale well, or that
translate easily to knowledge-poor environments.


The reviewing process, given the many workshop submissions,
was highly competitive (each paper was evaluated by 3 referees)
and the following 14 papers were selected:

Regular papers:

Renata Vieira, Simone Teufel, Massimo Poesio (University of Edinburgh) -
Bridging References in Definite Description Resolution

Tatsunori Mori, Mamoru Masuo, Hiroshi Nakagawa (Yokohama National University)-
Constraints and defaults of zero pronouns in Japanese
instruction manuals

Ruslan Mitkov  (University of Wolverhampton) -
Factors in anaphora resolution: they are not the only things that matter.
A case study based on two different approaches

Hiromi Nakaiwa (NTT, Kanagawa) -
Automatic extraction of rules for anaphora resolution of Japanese
zero pronouns from aligned sentence pairs

Roland Stuckard (Frankfurt) -
Resolving anaphoric references on deficient syntactic descriptions

Breck Baldwin (University of Pennsylvania) -
High precision coreference with limited knowledge and
linguistic resources

Megumi Kameyama  (SRI, Menlo Park) -
Recognising referential links:
an information extraction perspective

Marco da Rocha  (University of Sussex) -
Supporting anaphor resolution in dialogues with a corpus-based
probabilistic model

Sabine Bergler (Concordia University) -
Towards reliable partial anaphora resolution

Tony McEnery, Izumi Tanaka, Simon Botley (Lancaster University) -
Corpus annotation and reference resolution

Kevin Humphreys, Robert Gaizauskas, Saliha Azzam (University of Sheffield) -
Even coreference for information extraction

Position papers

Ruslan Mitkov  (University of Wolverhampton) -
How far are we from (semi-)automatic annotation of anaphoric links
in corpora?

Kaja Borthen, Thorstein Fretheim, Jeanette Gundel
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology/University of Minnesota)
What brings a higher-order entity into focus of attention?
The distribution of sentential 'it'.

Andrei Popescu, Isabelle Robba  (LIMSI, Orsay) -
Cooperation between pronoun and reference resolution
for unrestricted texts

In addition, the workshop programme will feature an invited talk.


The registration fee for the workshop is 60 US dollars and includes
a copy of the proceedings, lunch and refreshments. Participants can
pre-register (please use the registration form below) or register
on site. Given the limit on the number of workshop participants,
pre-registration is recommended. (Pre-registration will proceed
on a first-come, first-served basis). Please note that according to the
ACL rules, workshop participants must register for the main conference
as well.

Please send a hard copy of your registration form (with an enclosed
cheque if you pay by cheque; do not forget to sign if you choose to
pay by credit card) to

ACL                                             phone +1-908-873-3898
Priscilla Rasmussen                             fax   +1-908-873-0014
P.O. Box 6090                           acl@bellcore.com
Somerset, NJ 08875, USA

and an Email a copy of it to R.Mitkov@wlv.ac.uk

                    REGISTRATION FORM

                    ACL'97 / EACL'97 Workshop
                    11 July, 1997
                    Madrid, Spain




Affiliation: (for badge)

Telephone, Fax:

Email address:

Registration Fee 60 (sixty) US dollars

Method of payment:

[   ]  Visa or MasterCard:


Expiry date (month, year)

Name as it appears on card:

I wish to pay the sum of 60 US dollars.

[   ]  Attached cheque payable to Association for
       Computational Linguistics or ACL


Ruslan Mitkov
School of Languages and European Studies
University of Wolverhampton
Stafford St.
Wolverhampton WV1 1SB
United Kingdom
Tel (44-1902) 322471
Email r.mitkov@wlv.ac.uk

Branimir K. Boguraev
Apple Research Laboratories
Apple Computer, Inc.
One Infinite Loop, MS: 301-3S
Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel:  (1-408) 974 1048
Email: bkb@research.apple.com


For further information concerning the workshop, please contact
the organisers. To see the original call for papers, visit
For information about the main ACL'97/EACL'97 conference, see

Ruslan Mitkov
School of Languages and European Studies
University of Wolverhampton
Stafford St
Wolverhampton WV1 1SB
United Kingdom
Tel (44-1902) 322471
Fax (44-1902) 322739
Email R.Mitkov@wlv.ac.uk
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