Re: About URNs and Meta content

didier ph martin wrote:

> With Guha from Apple Research, we worked to improved the orginal MCF file
> format to now integrate URNs. We also tried to integrate new trend about
> typing for Meta Content (also called profiles). We came with a new spec
> which is located at
My initial reaction: Bingo!  I think you folks are on to something here.

1. Your Name Space Library in NetFolders is useful, thanks! (what about
supporting Netscape?).

2. Profiles should nicely support the organic growth of a wide variety
meta schema without chaos.

3. Including the URN and RFC822 in MCF v1.1 format seems a natural way
to get meta info for an object along with redirection to locations from
any URI in general.  It looks promising!  Can we reinvent existing
RFC822 defined headers (mail, nntp, http, etc.) as imbedible MCF
Still to be answered are:

1. granularity: addressing bit sub-strings, elements, or time segments
on objects by structure or query.

2. meaning: we need a standard way to represent profiles and profile
mappings, e.g. in KIF

3. sharing: personal, group, organization, global/public, and owner meta
information needs to be seamlessly combined to provide complete
meta-information from the user perspective. THis might be accompleshed
during URN/URI resolution. (see


Received on Thursday, 20 March 1997 17:41:06 UTC