Authorization in Http 1.0


	I have a doubt in Http 1.0 RFC-1945.  The protocol says
		Authorization: Scheme SP credentials

	why doesn't it send what Realm it is authorizing itself.
	is it because 

		1) A Page (Entity) can be present in only one Realm
			(means there are no overlaping Realm, same
			  entity occuring in more than one Realm)

		2) Credential valid for only a Particular Realm
			(this doesn't make sense, 'cos for ex
			 a User may exist in more than one realm)

	if 1 is not true, then if a request for a Page comes without
	any Authorization header which Realm to through up.

	lot of other if but questions are there.

	The RFC is not very clear (for me ;)) here.  Any help
	is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Received on Thursday, 6 March 1997 13:22:36 UTC