Re: Java and HTML and well known socket numbers

Once upon a time Paul Burchard shaped the electrons to say...
>> Most critically the concept of clients sending applets *to* a
>> server to be executed on the server - this is outside the
>> scope of an httpd.
>So PUT and POST are outside the scope of HTTP?

The server can still use HTTP as the transfer protocol.  But one thing
most admins I know share, as well as something that came up at the show,
was a great deal of discomfort with having socket 80 serve as the well
known port for web work *AND* have it handle receivign Java applets.

Port 443 is also HTTP - just with security.  So what's wrong with a port
that is used for distributed networking for Java that is something other
than 80?

It would also make firewalling easier with packet filters if Java had it's
own well known port.

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