Re: Java and HTML and well known socket numbers

MegaZone <> writes:
> The majority of the designs anticipated using Java are
> more properly handled when viewing Java as a new resource
> type instead of linked hard with http/html.

There is no "hard link" between Java and HTTP -- or for that  
matter, between HTML and HTTP.  The whole point of a generic  
transfer protocol like HTTP is to handle "new resource types"  
without requiring a completely new protocol for every application.

It's true that currently HTTP is suboptimal for transferring large  
numbers of small files (this is *not* a Java-specific problem), but  
HTTP/1.1 will alleviate the problem by standardizing persistent  
connections and pipelined requests.

> Most critically the concept of clients sending applets *to* a
> server to be executed on the server - this is outside the
> scope of an httpd.

So PUT and POST are outside the scope of HTTP?

Russell Holt <> writes:
> What about a java ORB?

Now *this* makes some sense.  For example, ILU will also be  
switching their "string binding handles" to URL syntax.

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Received on Saturday, 1 June 1996 22:36:20 UTC