WebCompare 4.2 released

Greetings. The WebCompare servers feature chart version 4.2 is now
available at <http://www.webcompare.com/server-main.html>. New in this

Six new features were added to the chart:
Supports HTTP/1.1 persistent connections
Understands full URIs in HTTP/1.1 requests
Supports HTTP/1.1 PUT
Supports HTTP/1.1 byte ranges
Type of server-side imagemaps (CERN, NCSA, Both)
Allows non-blocking DNS

More HTTP/1.1 features will be added in the coming months, once the
standard finally settles down.

A few new servers were added:
- Oracle Web server
- Searchlight, a popular BBS that now is also a Web server

The browsers chart has sprung back to life. There are now listings for the
major Web browsers, and more interest now that HTTP/1.1 and HTML 3.2 are

Received on Thursday, 16 May 1996 16:57:00 UTC