Re: Implementation of negotiated content

Jeff Berkowitz:
>Does anyone have any knowledge, speculation, or just plain WAGs
>about how real HTTP 1.1 servers will implement content negotiation?

Apache already has some mechanisms for it, and I believe Spyglass has
something too.  I qoute a part of an Apache documentation web page below.  I
took this from my archive, and have no URL, but you can of course use a
search engine to find the whole page.




                            Module mod_negotiation

   This module is contained in the mod_negotiation.c file, and is
   compiled in by default. It provides for content negotiation. Any
   document with mime type application/x-type-map will be processed by
   this module.


   Content negotiation, or more accurately content selection, is the
   selection of the document that best matches the clients capabilities,
   from one of several available documents. There are two implementations
   of this.
     * A type map (a file with the mime type application/x-type-map)
       which explicitly lists the files containing the variants.
     * A MultiViews search (enabled by the MultiViews Option, where the
       server does an implicit filename pattern match, and choose from
       amongst the results.

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