Re: PUT method (& all it's siblings)

>My understanding of PUT Method is, that it is used for sending files
>to the Server e.g. exchanging Server Information or to publish
>For Comunication and Action there are the two methods POST
>and GET.
>Has somebody tried the as well DELETE Method out of the specs?

Since we were busy implementing, and missed noticing that PUT and
DELETE had been dropped out of the HTTP/1.0 specs, the AOLserver
<> handles PUT and DELETE requests.

As an example, AOLpress <> uses these methods
(or their cousins, for <ftp://> URLs) to provide a combined editing/browsing

We used to provide a publically accessible server to demonstrate
these methods; however, our lawyers made us take it down.  The software
itself is still free, so you can download it and try it on your
own system.

-Dave Long

Wir haben auch einen "mirror site" im Deutschland gehabt -- "LEO", ich denke.

Received on Friday, 23 August 1996 16:00:33 UTC