Re: Amaya, a new Web browser/editor released by W3C

:>The first version of this client should be available in source form by
:>the end of 1996. In order to allow the Web community to evaluate
:>the software and to send feedback to the development team, an early
:>binary release is provided now.
:>For more information about Amaya:
:>For downloading Amaya:

That's nice and all, but the Cern Web Server doesn't seem to
be able to keep a connection up for more than a few minutes,
meaning that at even 2.3K/sec, it fails between 400-1100K every
time.  Perhaps Apache would be a better web server as I've
never had any problems with it not completing to serve
a document or binary once it gets started.


Received on Friday, 23 August 1996 15:19:25 UTC