Re: URL parsing and IPv6 addresses

Earlier, <Brandon Gillespie> inscribed:
> Actually, using '.' is also backwards compatable, just change the URL 
> spec so that either '.' or ':' can be the port seperator on a IPv4 addr, 
> and a '.' will also work with v6.  You know a v4 addr is a quad, so the 
> fifth seperation is going to be the port, ala:
> The only problem from that point is figuring out if its a hostname or an
> address :)

Probably the easiest way is to test to see if the last part is a decimal
port number.  I do not think there are any purely numerical TLDs.


(Hm.  I wonder if that is why the IPv6 folks chose : instead of .  It might
be hard to tell if something like "" is a domain name or a 
hexadecimal IP address.)

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