Re: URL parsing and IPv6 addresses

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996, Fisher Mark wrote:
> >> Any more opinions?  Speak now or forever hold your peace...
> >
> >I prefer either a '.' or '::'.  Reason: It doesn't make any
> >more characters 'special'.
> I agree, with some bias towards '.' (just because it lexes slightly easier).
> If anyone has information from the IPv6 working group as to why they picked 
> ':' over the '.' used in IPv4, could you please post it to the www-talk 
> list?

Actually, using '.' is also backwards compatable, just change the URL 
spec so that either '.' or ':' can be the port seperator on a IPv4 addr, 
and a '.' will also work with v6.  You know a v4 addr is a quad, so the 
fifth seperation is going to be the port, ala:

The only problem from that point is figuring out if its a hostname or an
address :)

Frankly, I dont like the comma, its not visually correct/appealing.

-Brandon Gillespie-

Received on Friday, 16 August 1996 11:20:06 UTC