RE: Web-related IPC -- WAS: Re: Product Differentiation

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>>But WinExec does.
not always....i try not to rely on it
true though, it was added to the NT dos prompt (cmd.exe) and

>I don't think the IETF is interested in user interfaces.


the discussion was "which application to launch and how"
as a result of accessing a particular mime type

in other words ... Internet-Related IPC Standards

standardizing this as an Internet draft might not be a bad idea.... least one precedent would be CGI


1. The applicaion should know the action the User intended....(Print,
Open, View, Hear, etc.)

2. There should be an opportunity to have the data portion of the HTTP
request "streamed" to the application.

3. The associated application should be able to divine the MIME-type of
the file, not just the "file extension"....if there is such a thing on
your crummy OS.

>4. There should be an opportunity to have the entire header portion of
>the HTTP request sent to the application.

....of with all ideas relating to the Internet.....somebody
is/has/was probably already working/finished this as a accepted/rejected
draft and there is a lengthy doc I can get via. anonymous FTP which
explains why/who/where they worked on it....

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