Web-related IPC -- WAS: Re: Product Differentiation

*** Web-related inter-process communication (IPC) ***

Scott Swanson writes in www-html:
 : . . .
 : > Walter Ian Kaye writes in <v03007802ae1977f4204e@[]>:
 : > . . .
 : > Instead of that, make the newsreader and emailer dynamically linkable 
 : > somehow.
 : . . .
 : Um, Internet Config, anyone?
 : That seems ideal.  API, consolidated helper info, etc.  Already
 : done, extensible, and doesn't seem to conflict with anything.

Mark Fisher writes in response to Scott Swanson:

 : Now, if there were just versions for Win3.1, WinNT, and UNIX...

I assume that this interchange is in reference to a platform- and
OS-specific means of establishing inter-process communication between
web-related applications.

What we need is a ** public cross-platform standard ** for
coordinating intra-platform OS-level processes under the control of
independently written and compiled, but cooperating, applications.

Can anyone supply information or references (URLs or otherwise) on
this topic?

There was a hint from somebody at NCSA a couple of weeks ago in
www-html that something like this might be forthcoming.

(Can "Internet Config" be construed to be based on a public cross-
platform standard?)

The topic of IPC is more about web application design than about HTML
language design, and it should be moved to "www-talk".  (And, indeed,
it goes beyond web applications.)


                                   -- Bill

Received on Tuesday, 23 July 1996 16:13:07 UTC