Re: Any interest in automatic link-updating?

[This thread originated in www-html with a question about
automatically updating links.  I've copied it to www-talk,
where I think it fits better]

> For META (ab)use, how about this ... ? <URL:
> ibel/html-meta.html>

That's great for meta-data, and I hope it becomes popular, but
updating URLs isn't really a meta-data issue.  It's more like
a link-relationship issue, I think.  I'd like to see indexers
like Yahoo understand <link rev=supersedes href=...> to update
their links automatically, as well as others.

As for how to get webmasters to follow a convention (no small
problem), I think right now that a few commercial folks like
Yahoo and AltaVista have 10x more power than W3C does to make
that happen.  If Yahoo used this one feature to keep its
links up to date, I think everyone would follow.

Lee Daniel Crocker <>

Received on Wednesday, 17 July 1996 19:31:56 UTC