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>Howdy all:
>1. Where would I find cgi-win (*.exe) scripts, either shareware, freeware or

>2. Where do I find a good "CLEAR" discussion/instructions on how to place
>perl on a Windows-NT server and use it with perl CGI scripts?

You can find perl5 for NT/Win32 at They also
support perliis.dll an ISAPI dll that plugs into ISAPI compliant servers
including Microsoft Internet Information Server, Process Software's
Purveyor and a few other web servers running on NT.
>3. Some ISP rent out space on there Web servers. They allow the customer to
>purchase Domain registration and have his/her own Virtual server. What
>software could one use on their windows NT server to do this kind of think,
>and where would I find it?

I know that IIS supports multiple virtual addresses and you can
configure different directories as home for each of these addresses. NT
supports about 1500 or so IP addresses on single net card (from NT 4.0).
NT 3.51 supports about 15+ IP addresses per card. If you need more info
on how to configure this, please send me mail or read my posting on


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