CGI-WIN/Virtual Web Program

Howdy all:

First I'd like to thank you for your response to my last questions. Things worked out okay. But, now I have a couple of other questions that someone may be able to help me with:

1. Where would I find cgi-win (*.exe) scripts, either shareware, freeware or commercial?

2. Where do I find a good "CLEAR" discussion/instructions on how to place perl on a Windows-NT server and use it with perl CGI scripts?

3. Some ISP rent out space on there Web servers. They allow the customer to purchase Domain registration and have his/her own Virtual server. What software could one use on their windows NT server to do this kind of think, and where would I find it?

Thanks for you help....and soon I may even be able to answer someones questions?

Received on Friday, 12 July 1996 08:01:05 UTC