Re: Hey - it's back.

>Oh dear, it seems that mail has been lost :-(

Actually, it's all there; occupying some 36 megabytes on one
of my machines...  but I don't know if Arthur plans on
dumping it into the queue.  There are probably a lot of resends..

>At least the mailing list is back.  After all the trouble at
>CERN it's amazing it came back this quickly.  I wonder if some
>disgruntled employee ripped the wires out the back of the mail

This had nothing to do with the PS incident.  "An Incident"
(can't say much) happened here a few weeks ago, after which we
had to reinstall the operating systems on our various WWW servers.
I got the main services going (http, telnet-access, ftp, etc.); 
the person doing the mail services (listproc, Agora) got Agora 
going here, but then went to MIT to properly install everything 
there.  So this list is actually being served from the US now.

(Oh, and the PS problem isn't as bad as initially feared -- maybe
only a couple weeks delay to startup, and maybe the physics program
won't be impacted at all!  Lotsa overtime being done..)

> I not sure which his worse-postal workers, or particle 
> physicists...

Particle physicists are wonderful, charming people.  The guy
who damaged the PS was a technician, I believe.

> Other than some messsages from the www-talk list, I have not received mail
> from ANY of the CERN mailing lists for about 3 weeks. What kind of trouble
> has CERN been having, and does anybody know if any of the other mailing
> lists are back (html, announce, etc.)?

The www-talk list is gated at CERN to a "local" newsgroup,,
which many other sites (including some big commercial ones) pick up.  
There've been some people using it as a regular newsgroup.

Regarding the restoration of service at MIT: I suspect www-talk was the 
second priority (after Agora), but the other lists will probably all be
served from the same machine by the same software, so I'd bet the others
will be back soon.  (www-announce might need a moderator, though.)  In 
any case, I'm sure Arthur will post a message when everything is going

> I heard a very unfounded rumour that CERN is pulling out of the Web 
> project. I hope to God this is not true!

It's true.  This is my last day!
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