Re: Linux&HTTPD

IMHO the bottleneck is likely the link speed and nature of the connection.
You probably are using SLIP or PPP connection with a 14.4 modem with Van
Jacobson compression, thereby getting 38,800 to 56,000 bps.   Such a setup
is slow for a browser platform; it must be excrutiating for those who
browsing a server running under those conditions.  The bottom line for the
provider (as well as the browser) is that you can't have enough bandwidth
from the Internet to your PC.  At the least get a 28.8 V34 modem (NOT VFC)
and V34 service from your Internet Service Provider.  

>I hope this is the correct forum for this question.
>Can any one tell me how many people at one time can 
>access a Web site with the following setup:
>Linux ver 1.0.9
>NCSA HTTPD ver 1.3
>386SX with 16 MB RAM
> None of the software will give me this information so I would 
>be grateful for your assistance.
>Paula Wilson
>Atlantic Computer Institute
>5523 Spring Garden Rd.
>Suite 201
>Nova Scotia
>B3J 3T1

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