Ask Dr.Web

	Soon after I initiated the Web Developer's Virtual Library at my
	site, I started getting random technical questions from visitors
	who evidently thought I might have some good answers.. later, I
	decided that I might as well give this Q&A service a name, so I
	labelled it "Ask Dr.Web". Well, of course, that only encourages
	everyone, and now I'm getting several questions a day.

	The problem with this is that to deal adequately with each question
	takes time, and I don't have enough to spare. So, I'd like to expand
	the "practice" with a few volunteer partners. I would estimate that
	with the load divided between us, your time commitment need not
	exceed 10 - 15 minutes/day.

	If you are interested in helping out, please contact me, and unless
	you're a household name (e.g. for writing the HTML 2.0 spec :*) then
	please provide some evidence that you are a well-qualified web doctor.
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Received on Saturday, 25 February 1995 20:39:39 UTC