Re: [web-animations] TAG Feedback

Hi Sergey,

On 2014/07/28 19:23, Sergey Konstantinov wrote:
> The TAG is very glad to see that virtually every piece of feedback from our review draft[1] was incorporated in latest Web Animations specification revision[2]. We appreciate your efforts and hope our feedback was of use.

We've still got a bit of work to go but I landed a bunch of changes 
yesterday that address some of the remaining feedback.

> We'd also appreciate your feedback on our review process and the review itself -- whether you find such form of cooperation convenient and what aspects of review process or review structure you'd prefer to change.

I can't speak for the others involved but I found the review itself very 
helpful. Guidance about platform conventions and patterns was much 
appreciated and helped to settle some areas where we were uncertain. 
Thank you very much.

The process itself was a bit surprising. We didn't realise the spec had 
been reviewed until much later. Some indication that the review was 
happening (or, better still, was going to happen) might have helped us 
to prepare a more stable draft and alerted us to the feedback sooner so 
we could benefit from it.

> Also, if you have architectural questions which were not addressed in the review, feel free to ask them.

I don't know if we have any specific questions yet but we've made some 
significant changes recently (particularly the AnimationPlayer 
interface) with a few more to come so if any of the TAG members have a 
moment to glance over the spec again some time that would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help!


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