Re: Is the TAG structure harmful? [Was: Fwd: Forced Resignation]

"Eric J. Bowman" wrote:

> Further re-hashing the facts wouldn't have served any purpose.
> Pointing out that the WG needed to step off and reconsider
> architectural ramifications proved much more effective, possibly
> because someone not named Roy or Julian reinforced it? Not my desired
> result, but far better than what was proposed.

OMG, did I mention Roy and Julian *twice* without mentioning TBL? Sorry
'bout that, Tim! Certainly didn't mean to omit the king of Web prior
art! Like anyone else here I may disagree vehemently with at times,
nothing but respect. I'm really a nice guy in person, it's my online
persona that's the ***. :-) We've never met, my health problems preclude
any travel commitments, but y'all should have a meeting in Colorado
sometime. It's how I keep up with the NMR world...


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