Re: TAG Blog Post on Feedback from Extensible Web Summit

On 4/17/14 5:36 PM, ext Domenic Denicola wrote:
> From: Arthur Barstow <>
>> Regarding "so, how do we get the W3C to update its `events process` to include gatherings like this?", there were some related discussions: one on a Member list [1] and another on public-w3process [2].
> While I do think these are good initiatives, I believe pretty firmly that the Extensible Web Summits should not be W3C events (or WHATWG events, or IETF events, or Google events, or Mozilla events). They are larger than any one organization.

Well I was going to suggest they be a Microsoft event ;-). But seriously 
though, I agree the scope of the gathering shouldn't be constrained by 
the sponsor(s) or some other umbrella but I do hear a call for doing a 
better of promoting/advertising such  events and the various orgs 
mentioned above can help with that.


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