RE: URL work in HTML 5

registerProtocolHandler crosses the beams, since it installs in the system a HTML URL-parser syntax and semantics, and removes the wall between system-level IRIs and HTML-level URLs. 

The template is not an URI or an IRI, it is a URL. The result of template substitution is not a URI or IRI, it's a URL.  Presumably the result is interpreted as an HTML URL and not a URI or IRI.

If I register a protocol handler for 'mailto', and I ask to resolve " subject ends in spaces    ", will the protocol handler for 'mailto' get passed the space or not?  

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On 25/09/2012 04:29 , Larry Masinter wrote:
> I think there was a group willing to consider the redefinition of
> URLs in HTML5 as a local anomaly within HTML, in a way that didn't
> really affect any other format or application.

My understanding is that Anne is working on an improved definition of 
URLs because he noticed demonstrable severe interoperability issues with 
tasks as deceivingly simple as parsing URLs.

Has anyone in this thread taken if only five minutes to perhaps peruse 
the evidence and see if he might not have a point? I ask because I've 
given it a cursory look and what I've seen is ugly.

> However, registerProtocolHandler makes it clear that HTML activities
>  affect the entire use of URIs and IRIs within anywhere in the
> system.

I might suggest refraining from crossing the beams and using the work on 
URL to grind the rPH axe.

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