Re: Arrested - re: TAG ISSUE-25 deep linking

On Mar 11, 2011, at 17:16 , Aaron Swartz wrote:
> WIth my friend-of-TAG hat on, I fail to see a huge reason why linking
> to an infringing YouTube video should be perfectly legal but embedding
> it a crime.

I think that it's a fair bit more complicated than that. If I sell you illegal drugs I'm breaking the law. If I inform you that there are drug dealers at the corner two streets up I'm not. If I make a business telling you where to find drug dealers, I'm probably aiding and abetting.

Either way the technical aspects won't be enough to decide the question. If I'm a search engine making money by placing ads on search results for "best ketamine deals in Paris" I'm probably safe, but probably not if I publish them myself. YouTube embedding copyrighted content is likely to be safe so long as they cull them diligently (though national legal frameworks for hosting vs publishing can be a nightmare), but making money deliberately pointing to copyrighted material on YouTube probably isn't.

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