Re: Arrested - re: TAG ISSUE-25 deep linking

On 3/9/2011 9:34 AM, Jonathan Rees wrote:
> I saw this one too, and almost relayed to www-tag, but I thought it would
> be better to find out exactly what this person was being charged with and
> on what evidence.

Me too, FWIW.

> Is there an opportunity to file a "friend of the court" brief on behalf of
> the TAG on this point?

I'm not at all clear that it should be the TAG doing it, but there is 
precedent for the W3C commenting on legal matters in the US. (There was at 
one point a concern that to file for copyright in the US, you needed to use 
Internet Explorer, and W3C filed a comment to the US Copyright office, 
which was seeking review -- I can't find the link just now).

Anyway, I think the TAG's role, should we wish to get involved, would be to 
understand the ways in which the charges filed against Mr. McCarthy raise 
concerns relating to Web architecture and technology. My inclination would 
be to then work with the W3C team, and perhaps the AB, to decide whether it 
would be appropriate for the W3C to make a filing.


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